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How we can help you

Our qualified staff is the strong heart of our maintenance organization EASA Part 145.  
We are the leaders in time detection of issues on your aircraft and it’s because our professional licensed aircraft maintenance engineers. This will significantly reduce the following operational costs. 
Our Part 145 is certified for General Aviation aircrafts with MTOM up to 5 700 kg, mainly focused on Cessna, Piper, Zlin, Beechcraft aircrafts. 
We kindly offer periodical inspections, CPCP checks, SID inspections, aircraft components replacement, line maintenance. We can provide Overhaul of engines, propellers, pumps, carburetors and other units as well as 500 hours inspections of magnetos, starters, alternators etc. 
With our partners we can arrange NDT inspections (non-destructive inspection), also checks of radionavigation equipment (IFR, transponder, pitot-static leak tests, ELT programming and others). 

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