Avionics Upgrade
Wear A New Glass
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How we can help you

We offer high class modernization of instrument panels per customer request. 
When making new instrument we will go throught many options of designs of instrument panel and also selecting avionics exactly for you. 
When we do avionics build in you get all in one, from making new harness throught designing instrument panel and ends with updating POH, relating documentation as well as testing new equipment after build in, plus we will give to the customer whole documentations also with wiring diagrams. 
Qualified avionics guys with licence B2 per Part 66 are soul of our avionic team. All labors are perfoming in accordance with FAA, EASA standards and also  STC´s from manufacturers Garmin, Trig, Bendinx King, Dynon, Aspen and others. 
Our B2 technicians performing build in per newest manufacturer docmentaton. 
Are you thinking about getting rid of analog avionics and have new Glass Cockpit with G500/G1000, removing vacuum system and replacement with more reliable instrument Garmin G5, GI 275, Aspen or you need help with replacing GPS, transponder with ADSB in/out or COM radio?
Do not wait anymore and contact us! 
We are happy to help you. 

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